Meet the critically endangered


Leopard cat

Could this critically endangered little creature be the spark that ignited this powerful movement for good? 

The worlds first all digital clean money climate action bank.

Visayan leopard cat (kitten) (Prionailurus bengalensis rabori) (endemic ssp)

Every powerful movement for change has a story. 

This is ours.

It starts in 2014. In a forest. In the Philippines ...

It involves that forest and three animals. Three very special animals that are critically endangered and are sadly in serious danger of becoming extinct.  There are as few as 20 left in the wild and the balance are living in cages in a sanctuary. 

Their last refuge …

Because their forest has been denuded to 4% of its original size and they no longer have a home! ?

Michael McCabe is a serial entrepreneur with a very successful IT and project management background. He also has a burning passion for the environment. You may wonder what business he had in a rapidly disappearing jungle in the Philippines? That’s a long story. But just know that this rapidly vanishing forest and the extinction of its inhabitants moved Michael deeply. 

It horrified him.

It was the start of an incredible journey. This was not simply about a vanishing forest in the Philippines and three critically endangered animals. It was about the very survival of our planet and everything that calls it home! This microcosm of the world highlighted the plight of our forests as key to the biggest problem we face as a species ...


The rampant ravaging and denuding of the worlds forests is removing our most powerful weapon in the fight against global warming. It is now recognised that the quickest and most cost effective solution to help stop climate change is to stop deforestation. And the best way to stop deforestation is to monetize the preservation of our forests through the properly managed application of Forest Credits.

It became clear to Michael that bringing liquidity and authenticity to the Forest Credits market was key.

If it was possible to craft a solution that would effectively include everyone on the planet working together, each making a personal and meaningful difference towards stopping deforestation through something a simple as their banking and day to day spending - we would stand the best chance possible to beat back global warming. And help save our planet.
Before it is too late.

Relationships were forged with like minded and passionate people. A powerful team of world class experts was assembled and put to work. Funds were raised and applied.

The worlds first all digital clean money climate action bank was born!


Meet our team

We have some of the world’s foremost behavioural economics, UX and gamification experts on our team.   They are experienced, agile and committed to helping save our planet

Or as Steve Jobs said: “To put a dent in the universe”


MD : Founder

Michael is a serial entrepreneur with successful tech startup and exits. Extensive and varied project management experience across several countries, from corporate waterfall projects to agile startups. He has significant multi-cultural CRO expertise and is obsessed with agile execution and behavioural economics. His passion is  preserving the environment.

Michael Mccabe

Garreth is the Founder of Devstack which specialises in providing highly skilled, agile ready software developers to technology companies.

Garreth has 17 years of software development management experience.

Garreth Beachy-Head

Project Manager & Senior Advisor

Extensive experience working with bank boards and management teams to develop customer-centric strategies. As a banker, built strong cross-industry skills in marketing, financial, and risk management. International experience in China, Japan, UK, and Argentina.

Rockwell Clancy

User Experience : Gamification

Marigo is doctoral researcher and designer in human- computer interaction and gamification for developing  customer experiences for online marketing, communication, learning and knowledge sharing.

She is the founder and CEO of Strategic Innovation Lab, and is also an advisor on the European Commission’s Advanced Digital Gaming and Gamification Program.

Dr Marigo Raftopolous

Banking and Financial Services

Thomas has more than 30 years experience in the banking and financial services industry. He is a financial engineer skilled in the design of financial instruments for the industry.


Dr. Thomas Leupold

CRO Lead

Peter started his career working on David Ogilvy’s ‘secret weapon’ direct response marketing, and has since helped optimise brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Amazon, Google, Adobe, BMW, Lloyds Banking Group, and many others. He is head of business development strategy at Conversion Rate Experts (CRE), world leaders in conversion rate optimisation for customer onboarding.


Peter Hardingham

CBO (Chief Biodiversity Officer)

Guy has extensive experience in the development and design of a number of international standards supporting biodiversity values and climate change mitigation including Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standards -Forest Stewardship Council, and The Social Carbon Standard.

Guy works as an advisor to business and government on Natural Capital Accounting and emerging markets for ecosystem services.

Guy Williams

Lead Cyber Security Consultant

Maxime is a Cyber security professional and is a member of several
industry advisory boards. He has international experience and has
consulted at governmental level. He is based in Shanghai and is
intimately involved with cyber security at all levels.


Maxime Oliva

Customer Experience Lead

Stuart has been a brand, customer experience and insight consultant over the last 20 years, most recently at PwC and previously as a Divisional Director at GfK and a Director at J.D. Power.

He is focused on insight and analytics based on data science and human-centred approaches for delivery of distinctive brand experiences.



Stuart Crawford-Brown

Consumer Research Lead

Jeff served as a Managing Director for Nielsen Greater China and has18 years of experience in the Marketing Services & Marketing Research Industry.

His passion is qualitative research and has developed a unique research methodology.


Jeff Stewart

Neuroscience Consultant

Delia is a Neuroscience Researcher, Psychologist and author. She has deep knowledge of human behaviour and psychometric testing. She earned her PhD in Neuroscience from Adelaide Medical School. Her research is on the stressed brain.

Dr Delia McCabe

Neuroscience Consultant

Our partners

We are in a race against time. We need to move with great speed and agility. To facilitate our speed to market we are  partnering with recognised industry experts with proven track records in our selected markets.


Global Reach

Visa is the World’s Second largest card payment organisation.

It is a global payments technology company working to enable consumers, businesses, banks and governments to use digital currency.
They are committed to transparency around their environmental impact.

Payment processing

VISA DPS is a global payment services provider that empowers businesses to accept almost any type of payment from anywhere in the world.

They provide a high speed, multi-currency, multilingual solution to us with full API integration and unmatched reliability. 


Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Experts are the world’s leading agency for conversion rate optimization (CRO)—a term that they coined in 2007.

They helped to grow some of the web’s most sophisticated companies, including Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Dropbox

They have carried out tests on billions of users, generating billions in revenue for their clients. 


Regulatory compliance

Neopay are market leading regulatory specialist in the e-commerce and payments markets. Their regulatory expertise has seen them achieve a 100% success rate in licensing approvals. They succeed where other specialists had failed, crafting workable, compliant solutions in governance, risk management, anti-money laundering, financial crime, financial controls, employee training, audit, and business continuity

Join bench bank now. Its time to make a difference!

How do REDD+ projects contribute to stopping deforestation?

As a concept, REDD is simple. Funding rewards good forest management in developing countries and makes poor forest management, such as indiscriminate unenforced logging, less profitable than the sustainable alternative.

REDD, as currently conceived, involves payments to developing countries that will prevent deforestation or degradation that would otherwise have taken place. The source of this funding can be from carbon trading, where actors in industrialised countries offset their own emissions by transferring funds as carbon credits to developing countries. Or it can be some other mechanism such as a trust fund, which does not depend on offsets.

The payments then, in principle, go towards actions that enable developing countries to conserve or sustainably use their forests (say, through more appropriate harvesting of wood and other forest products), when they might otherwise not have been able to do so.

This points to one of REDD’s potential advantages, particularly at a time of volatile global economics: it can be cheap in comparison to other mitigation activities, such as carbon capture or renewable energy. Although the point is arguable, leaving forests more or less alone can bring benefits for very little cost.

Tropical rainforests are, next to ocean reefs, the richest ecosystems on Earth. Worldwide, forests are also home — or a treasurehouse of resources — to some 70 million people, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN. Managing forests sustainably so they serve the people dependent on them, continue to house an extraordinary range of wild plants and animals, and meet the global imperative to sequester carbon, is now a matter for urgent action.

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